Heart of Gratitude!

Generally my blog is recipe bound or spiritually based.  This one is a little different.
It’s about me.  Next month marks five years since I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma.
For those of you who did not know – yes, in my medial right thigh.  A small freckle that grew like an octopus down through my muscle.
It was excised, surrounding hip lymph nodes removed and I am stronger today because I had cancer.  I’m a better person, a better wife and mother. A better friend, teacher and runner.  And not a day goes by where I don’t thank God for my mind’s strength and my body’s health.  My leg sings to me daily and I’ve spent five years trying to find the right recipe for settling the aggravated nerves around the incision cite.  There is no recipe; rather my ache serves as a daily reminder of just how fortunate I am to be living.  I push through and have bought stock in Ben Gay.  Now you know why the studio smells like menthol often.
Doctors say you need five years clear to diminish your chances for recurrence.
I’m here….Five years!
Clean! Strong! Healthy and filled with gratitude.

With love,




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3 responses to “Heart of Gratitude!

  1. Cari Lynch

    Oh my gosh… I had no idea! I sensed something so peaceful and honest about you when I first met you and was inspired by it. Now I just don’t have words! Congratulations! Continue to celebrate and enjoy life the way it’s so evident that you do. And, most importantly, continued good health!

  2. rebecca scarpati

    Steph, I am so grateful to have you in my life, and I fel that I can speak for everyone at Centerpeace that we are all deeply blessed to have your Grace, courage, knowledge, and spirit guide us on our own paths toward health and well being. You are such an inspiration in so many ways. Love and gratitiude for you!! Xo

  3. Jodi Baretz

    Wow Steph! You are a true inspiration to everyone around you! You go girl xoxoxoxox

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