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Happy New Year!

I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving:
To reach Centerpeace, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail….
and not drift, nor lie at anchor.   I wish you a New Year filled with self exploration and growth.
Take time to elevate you.  Let go of the clutter that surrounds you, limiting your vision of what is truly
important in your life.  As you create this new space, your loved ones will hold greater value.  

Empower their presence, filling your life with precious moments.  Time is sacred.  Tomorrow is a gift, not a promise. Make it count.  I look forward to seeing you in class with energy,strength and desire as we continue our journey towards Centerpeace.  Happy New Year!

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Happy Thanksgiving From My Family to Yours…

Wishing you love and laughter today and always……

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Remarkable Endurance, Stamina and Strength!!!

marathon photoThis post is personal and one I am thrilled to share with all of you……
I am proud to say that tomorrow marks my husband Scott Spiegel’s third marathon
after months of disciplined training following a rigorous program and never deviating from the schedule….
Well, honey-it’s time!!!! Enjoy every mile connecting mind and body throughout.
Soak up all the energy from the strength that will surround you from Staten Island all the way into Central Park. I’ll be waiting at the finish line with love, tears of joy and awwwwwww of your tremendous athletic endeavor.
Also, best wishes to my brother in law, Lee, whose strength is unstoppable. And my friend Karen Berkey, who runs with her heart mile after mile. Go runners!!!!!! Listen for my cheers, I’ll be there!

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Engage in all that surrounds you….


Engage in all that surrounds you.
Outside, take in all the colors of this fall season.
In class, engage in the hour;
fully commit your physicality to the task.
Your core, your quads, your glutes, your arms, hands and feet and — most importantly — your posture.
Sometimes, we find that it’s easiest to be a wallflower; to wait for someone else to engage us….
Sometimes we find it’s easier to “just be” rather than put effort into the situation.
Newton’s First Law states that an item at rest will most easily remain at rest until acted upon by another force.
This week I ask you to be that Force.  Rock your common state.  Engage someone, something — encourage a change within yourself.  And as the spectacular leaves begin to fall, take deep breaths and fill your life with Centerpeace.

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